Best of Show 2016

I like this picture because I was able to accurately capture the water dropping and be successful in freezing motion. While doing that, I was also able to maintain my basic rules of composition to produce a well-done photo.
This is one of my best photos because I was able to freeze the motion and capture tiny aspects that people usually miss. Not only is the ball frozen and visible, but also the kick up of the dirt and positioning of the pitcher’s body produces an interesting photo.
This is my all time favorite picture. That is because this is an aspect of the game that most photographers neglect. People mainly focus on the action of the actual game yet miss what is happening on the side. I like this because it creates a parallel between the batter in the box and and batter warming up. Although the main focus is on the batter warming up, the out of focus batter at the plate creates a non-distracting background that contributes to the overall context of the game.