Best of Show 2017


This is one of my all time favorite photos that I shot my sophomore year. I love it because of the sense of repetition and almost mirroring that is conveyed due to the two batters with the same batting position. The use of aperture is perfect, blurring out enough that it is clear who is the focus of the photo, yet not too blurry that you get context and the key repetition. The fence isn’t too distracting either, as it is blurred enough to not be prominent yet still provide context. This is still my favorite even though it is one of my earliest photos.


This is a photo I shot my junior year during a donut eating contest in class. I love this picture because the worms-eye angle plays a trick that makes the string look as if it is coming out of the sky and that the person is like a fish grabbing onto the bait. The string provides a sort of leading line that takes you nearly across the entire picture from the point in the sky where its starts, to the donut, and then finally to the person. It looks almost exactly like a fish underwater being tricked into biting onto the fishing line.


This is a photo I shot my junior year of the single person in AP Ceramics. This may seem like a boring picture but its one of my favorites for many reasons. Art isn’t a popular subject to shoot because its so stagnant, but by shooting it you get to see up close the intensity and passion that is evident when one creates art. The aperture is perfect, keeping her face as the main focal point and blurring her hands just enough to not be distracting yet also show the action she is carrying out. Her eyes are nearly hidden yet provide an imaginary line that leads your view towards her paintbrush and her work. Her paintbrush also has a similar effect leading our direction to the piece she is working on. Through this image you can feel the emotion that she is feeling as well.


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